Wednesday, 22 April 2009

hey everybody!

I am still here and crafting, I'm just having some computer related issues! My connection in the flat isn't fast enough to make uploading pictures here practical and the last 2 nights I've tried to do it in work the intarwebz have not been on my side! Hopefully I will get some stuff up soon. I'm kinda frustrated at the moment because I am deeply skint and can't really afford to buy any craft materials but I keep having lots of ideas. Hopefully once I get paid I can remedy this!


  1. Hey there swap buddy !
    Just had a cuppa while reading through your blog to see what you are about !
    Love the red nose photo !
    You put my baking abilities to shame !I am going to make that yummy chocolate pistachio stuff ASAP ( which I am sure will be addressed to my hips upon eating ! )
    Little hint re photos...I upload a heap to photobucket with the bulk uploader when I am not in a hurry for them...then when I do want to add them to blogger I just add them using the direct link for photobucket and they load to blogger almost instantly.. to think of things to send to an Irish girl in Scotland that hasn't got a garden and that has joined a graden swap...HE-He ( is that the Irish sense of humour coming out in you ! )
    xPeta-Jane x