Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Making it by hand and paying it forward

I know various people are aiming for 50 handmade things in 2009 and never one to miss a bandwagon, I'm going to give this a bash too! In a bid to make me try some new things, I'm only going to list the things I've tried for the first time ( some of my baking I can do standing on head so I don't think that's much of a challenge. Some of the things listed have been blogged about here and some others I don't have photos of, so you'll have to trust me a wee bit :)

1 Rachel Allen's Honey Buns
2 Rachel Allen's Butter free sponge
3 Journal jar - this was a present for Vonnie, she can back me up!
4 Blue bead necklace for Mum
5 Heart necklace for Eileen (I do have a pic of this somewhere)
6 Earrings for Step-mere
7 Fifteens
8 Knitted java jacket
9 Lavender bags
10 Rachel Allen's Lemon Cupcakes (there's a pic of those somewhere on the right hand side here)

Not a bad start for April and I'm sure there's other stuff I've forgotten! 

In the meantime, I've also given into the craze that is Pay it Forward - I've signed up on Beaky's blog (more info on PIF here) so 3 people who leave a comment will get something handmade from me - the condition being you need to do a 'Pay it Forward' yourself. I don't know if 3 people actually read this apart from me, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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  1. I read you, but I do pay it forward anyway...I've also just been the happy recipient of a Random Act of Kindness (RAK)...so I guess I don't count...good luck to the next 3 people...and I thoroughly recommend the fudge !!