Wednesday, 18 March 2009

the pen is mightier than

this is a roundabout way of saying there are no pictures with this entry, as it takes forever to upload them on the mobile broadband connection at home. actually, so far i've found blogger a bit slow to load pics - is it me?

anyway, there was indeed cakey goodness yesterday. as it was st patrick's day, nigella's chocolate guiness cake would have been ethnically appropriate, but i didn't have everything i needed and money is on the sparse side just now. so it was rachel allen's butter free sponge instead. this recipe appealed to me because i struggle with getting butter soft enough for creaming in cake recipes. this is down to living in flats without central heating and not just the frozen north east. egg yolks are mixed with caster sugar then water to create a batter with the consistency of mousse. flour is added to this, then egg whites. the result is a very light sponge which i sandwiched with whipped cream and lemon curd. i took it into work today and within 2 hours the plate was cleared - i am taking this as a thumbs up! hopefully tomorrow i will get to a more reliable connection and post some pictures. you can also look forward to lavender bags and possibly even lentil soup if i'm feeling REALLY generous!

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